BuildWell Quick Bond

BuildWell Quick Bond

Bonding Compound for RCC BuildWell Quick Bond is a admixture of sand, cement and superior quality polymers. It is a bonding agent that enables quick preparation of ceiling and RCC wall surface. Also offers the dual benefits of mechanical and chemical bonding, which eliminates the labor intensive hacking and reduces debonding losses.

  • Features
  • Advantages
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  • Other Details
  • Excellent bonding
  • No hacking is required on RCC wall.
  • Hence prevention of micro cracking and saving of labor cost
  • Strong chemical and mechanical bond
  • Easy to use
  • Works good for Gypsum plaster as well for cement sand plaster

Not Applicable.

  • Can be easily applied by brush/roller
  • Reduces hacking
  • Time saving
  • Less rebound loss while plastering
  • It is water soluble product hence no solvent odor
  • Fast drying
  • Improves bonding strength between RCC wall and Plaster.

Not Applicable.

Application Procedure

Clean loose particle, dirt, grease and trace of foreign material from the surface.

For good bonding on RRC, plastering should be done instantly once the BuildWell Quick Bond coat is about set completely.

Take the BuildWell Quick Bond and clean water in 1: 1 ratio by volume in a clean bucket. Mix BuildWell Quick bond to water. It is very important that BuildWell Quick Bond to be added in water and not vice versa. Stir well to form uniform solution paste. Apply the BuildWell Quick Bond coat with the help of brush. Once the finished BuildWell Quick Bond application coat on RCC surface is dried, it is ready for plastering.

Avoid inhaling the fine powder particles, wear nose mask while handling. Alkaline materials can seriously damage eye, therefore eye protection is strongly recommended. Alkaline materials are also harmful to skin therefore use of protective gloves. In case of eye or skin contact, flush with clean water for at least 15 mins and seek for medical help. Store in cool and dry location. Keep away from the reach of children.

BuildWell Quick Bond is available in 20 kg bag and has a shelf life of 6 months, if stored in a cool and dry location. (As temperature, humidity, water addition and other parameters vary from site to site; The above information should be treated as a general guideline).


Technical specifications

Technical Specification
Physical state Ready to use dry mix powder
Physical Appearance White to pale cream
PH 11-Sep
Coverage Approx. 20 sq. ft. /kg. Coverage may depend
on application method and substrate

Not Applicable.