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Product Description

A versatile concrete additive intended to reduce the usual time it takes for concrete to set. It can be used in plasters, mortar, and concrete. The malleable and hardened properties of concrete, such as workability, compressive strength, and flexural strength, are improved by AC 100.


  • Significantly increases set time over regular concrete.
  • Improves quality of concrete by decreasing water-cement ratio
  • Improves workability.
  • Increases compressive and flexural strengths both early and ultimate.
  • Provides superior finish ability on all flatwork and pre-cast surfaces.

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Benefits & Advantages

  • Provides earlier finishing of slabs.
  • Reduces segregation.
  • Reduces protection time required in cold weather.
  • Earlier use of structural concrete
  • Produces concrete with lower permeability.
Parameters Specifications
Specific Gravity 1.15 ± 0.05
pH 9 - 11
Chloride Content Max. 0.1 %
  • Mixing: AC-100is added to the mixing water of the concrete or mortar to achieve a desired mixture of the finished product. It is always mix with water, and then added into concrete/mortar mix. Ensure that is not added directly to dry cement.
  • Compatibility: AC-100is compatible with all types of cement, class C and F fly ash, silica fume, calcium chloride, fibers, approved air entraining, accelerating, super plasticizing, and water-reducing admixtures.


Q1- Which chemical is best for concrete?
Ans: wShield AC-100 is best product, improves the plastic and hardened properties of concrete such as workability, compressive strength, and flexural strengths.