Product Description

The additive VM 200 is a type of viscosity modifying agent (VMA) used in concrete. It is typically made of synthetic polymers and is added to concrete mixtures to increase the viscosity of the mixture. The result is a concrete mixture that is more cohesive, less likely to segregate and has better self-compaction ability. The increased viscosity of the concrete mixture allows for better control during the pouring and placement of the concrete. It also reduces the likelihood of bleeding, segregation, and sedimentation, which can negatively impact the strength and quality of the final product. This can result in a more uniform and consistent finish, which can improve the overall appearance of the concrete. In addition to improving the physical properties of the concrete, the use of VM 200 can also improve the workability and pumpability of the concrete mixture. This can make it easier to transport and place the concrete, which can save time and reduce labour costs. Overall, the use of VM 200 can lead to a more durable, high-quality concrete product that is less prone to defects and issues during the pouring and placement process.


  • Enables a modification of the flow properties & rheology of mortar & concrete.
  • Increases the viscosity & cohesiveness of the concrete mix.
  • Reduces concrete bleeding.
  • Reduces segregation in high water cementitious & high slump mixes.
  • Aids in concrete mix stability with gap-graded aggregates.
  • Can be introduced at the batch plant or job site.
SKUs: 230kg a barrel

Benefit & Advantages

  • For SCC
  • Excellent Stability
  • Setting of Concrete
  • Easy to Disperse
  • Enhanced Pumpability and Finishing


Ans: Concrete becomes more stable and less prone to segregation when it is added. Additionally, it lessens bleeding, segregation, and sedimentation in concrete, mortars, and grouts and enables a surface finish of greater quality.

Ans: HomeSure wShield VM200 shelf life is 12 months


  1. For SCC
  2. Setting of Concrete
  3. Easy to Disperse
  4. Excellent Stability
  5. Enhanced pumpability and finishing

Ans: The correct waterproofing solution is required to preserve the structure from harm and extend its life. Because water leaks and moisture not only cause building damage and collapse, but they may also endanger human life.