Walplast procedures, and policies are regularly updated and improved in order to reduce environmental impact and encourage equitable growth. 

We provide materials for strong constructions and believe in the development of stronger communities and nations. Our Sustainability program has two primary goals: to generate sustainable development while balancing environmental, economic, and social factors.


Solar Energy:  At Walplast, we are conscious of energy consumption and believe in utilizing less energy to increase production. We have chosen to use renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to reduce our environmental impact and meet our energy needs. Solar energy is clean and renewable, meaning it produces no emissions and helps protect the environment. That’s why more and more companies are using solar as a source of power. Our commitment to solar is also smart for business; it can help us stay competitive, save money, and create a healthier planet. We take pride in our installation of solar panels, which generate 4150478 units of electricity at Walplast!

Thin Layer Technology: At Walplast, one of their main objectives is to become more sustainable. An efficient process for achieving this is through the use of polymer-modified pre-mixed thin layer technology. This method involves spraying a thin layer of material on any given surface, which can be used in many projects. It allows for faster work and less consumption of resources, like sand and minerals, while maintaining good durability and quality.
Compared to traditional techniques for tiles for walls and floors, thin layer technology provides more strength than the conventional thick bed methods. It also needs less material, costs less and produces less waste. In conclusion, thin layer technology helps company’s be more environmentally friendly by reducing resource usage.
Manufacturing Sand: At Walplast, being a leading player in Building construction material recognised the need of usage of alternate sand, due to the fact that extracting river sand could lead to government restrictions and causes worries for manufacturing businesses, therefore the company had made itself self reliant to manufacture sand.
Manufactured sand is an environmentally friendly alternative; its made crushing rock, which eliminates the need for extracting it from natural sources. Plus produces uniform, consistent grains, making it more usable for certain applications than traditional sand.

By utilizing manufacturing sand over traditional river sand here at Walplast, not only we are improving the quality of our products, but also helping preserve environmental resources . This solution not only ensures environmental sustainability but also provides cost savings as there are no associated costs with extraction or transportation! By choosing this solution, Walplast improves  their products while also doing their part to conserve environmental resources.


Reduce Waste: Walplast is concerned about the environmental impact of its products. One of the most visible manifestations of this concern is the use of waste byproducts such as fly ash and slag to minimize our carbon footprint.

At Walplast, we believe in minimizing waste and giving back more to nature than we take from it. To do this, we’ve adopted the use of fly ash in factories as a means of reducing our environmental impact. Fly ash is a hazardous material that contains heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium. Inhaling fly ash can cause serious health issues like bronchitis, asthma, and even lung cancer. With the use of fly ash, we reduce the demand for natural resources like sand, clay, and gravel while also decreasing emissions from coal-fired power plants. By using such methods, we actively work towards a positive environmental future with Walplast’s formulation technique.

Eco sand, Slag cement, or GGBS: At Walplast, we use eco sand and slag cement, or GGBS, as fillers to make dry mix building materials, rather than just throwing them away and polluting the environment. We take precautions when using these residues because they can contain elements that can be toxic to humans. By responsibly using them instead of traditional building materials, Walplast helps to make construction projects more sustainable. Plus, eco sand, slag cement, and GGBS offer many advantages over traditional materials; they are often more durable and can even save you money in the long run. As long as they are used correctly, these products are just as safe and reliable for construction as traditional materials.

Hence, Walplast not only helps the environment by recycling thrash, but it also helps to reduce the usage of natural resources such as sand and minerals.


The philosophy of giving back to the society was laid down by the founder of the company, Mr. Ashok Mehta, and the company takes the moral responsibility to build a better society by contributing towards community services as well as working towards the upliftment and empowerment of the disadvantaged sections of the society.

The purpose statement of the company since its former days stresses on “To accomplish a positive change in the ecosystem through innovative and reliable partnership”.

At Walplast, the business priorities coexist with the commitment to identify the needs of the surrounding communities. In addition to develop and adopt an effective CSR approach to implement multiple interventions in the surrounding region of our business and plant locations, to make a sustainable impact.

The major CSR thrust areas are Education and Health. 

Education: 80% of the focus area of Walplast CSR activities is Education. The Company supports schools in the plant vicinity, to enhance the learning of the students.

Walplast provides aids for infrastructure and technology upgradation to give students a conducive environment for learning.


Walpalst has been supporting hospitals around the factories since the difficult times. Our teams have been collaborating to create improved infrastructure facilities, medicines, and machinery in accordance with hospital requirements in order to provide equitable care to local people.

Covid Hospital Infrastructure

Hygienic Materials

Child Cot

Fan & Lights

Salem Kannankurichi Govt Hospital