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Gypsum Machine Spray Plaster


Product Description

Gypsum machine spray plaster is a polymer modified ready to use plaster which designed to provide smooth finish on internal (Plastering) & external (Rendering) surface with stronger bond to substrate. Machine spray plaster gives strong adhesion on wall/ceiling with excellent water resistant, crack free workability’s that will protect wall. Its special formulation enables spray application through machine giving a significantly lower application cost. It provides a smooth, inert, high-quality surface to ceilings, internal, external walls, and a durable base for application. It speeds up construction, saves time, zero wastage and requires less labour.


  • Reduce rebounding loss
  • Cracks free wall
  • Providing high compressive strength
  • Smooth Plastering
  • Higher durable plaster
  • Excellent Coverage
  • It has high adhesion strength.

SKUs: 20kg, 30kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Pre-mixed material, only water to be added
  • Faster application
  • Used for interior as well as exterior wall surface
  • It provides saving on time and workmanship.
  • Easy to apply and give shape.
  • Negligible on-site wastage and mixing time
  • Cost-Effective
Parameters Specifications
Consistency 15 – 25 %
Pot Life > 60 minutes
Setting time 30 - 600 minutes
Density 1.8 to 2.1 g/ml
  • Clean loose particles, dirt, grease, and traces of foreign materials from the surface, if necessary, by using wire brush/sandpaper or by chipping.
  • For loose plaster areas or wall which are not even, then remove the defective material. The surface should be properly clean.
  • The substrate should damp and excess water to be swept off.
  • 150-250 ml of clean water is required for 1 Kg of machine spray plaster sample.
  • Mixing is done automatically in the machine.
  • Tools and water used in mixing must be clean.
  • Contamination from previous mixes can shorten the setting time and in turn reduce the strength of the plaster when set. Hence, clean the machine well, first remove previous all material, and clean the hose pipe, roto stator and mixing hopper.
  • Water to plaster ratio should be maintained to have good cohesive workable mix. The water plaster ratio in Ready mix machine spray plastering application remain fixed hence there is very little chance of error once the machine is set.
  • The dry and absorptive surfaces should be wetted before the application.
  • It can be applied directly to brick, ACC, concrete surface walls.
  • It can be applied with appropriate plastering machines. The material applied with the plastering machine should be sprayed on the surface evenly. The surface should be levelled out with float.
  • Spread a mixture evenly to the required thickness & finish using straight edge.
  • Apply aluminium level patty from bottom to top direction followed by left to right and right to left direction to level the plaster.
  • Plain plaster wall ready for next application
  • Curing can be started after 24-hour, it is recommended 2-3 times a day for 7 days.
  • Do not add more water than recommended.
  • The maximum thickness for the 1st coat should not exceed 10-12 mm.
  • Ready mix machine spray plaster contains non-toxic material but still, it is important to wear a safety kit when mixing and handling.


Q1- Is Gypsum Machine Spray plastering good?

Ans- Gypsum Machine Spray plaster dries up to four times faster than typical gypsum plaster when applied.