HomeSure GYPEX Gypsum Machine Spray Plaster

Gypsum machine spray plaster is a polymer modified ready to use plaster which designed to provide smooth finish on internal (Plastering) & external (Rendering) surface with stronger bond to substrate. Machine spray plaster gives strong adhesion on wall/ceiling with excellent water resistant, crack free workability’s that will protect wall. Its special formulation enables spray application through machine giving a significantly lower application cost. It provides a smooth, inert, high-quality surface to ceilings, internal, external walls, and a durable base for application. It speeds up construction, saves time, zero wastage and requires less labour.


  • Reduce rebounding loss
  • Cracks free wall
  • Providing high compressive strength
  • Smooth Plastering
  • Higher durable plaster
  • Excellent Coverage
  • It has high adhesion strength.
SKUs: 20kg, 30kg


  • Pre-mixed material, only water to be added
  • Faster application
  • Used for interior as well as exterior wall surface
  • It provides saving on time and workmanship.
  • Easy to apply and give shape.
  • Negligible on-site wastage and mixing time
  • Cost-Effective


Ans- Gypsum Machine Spray plaster dries up to four times faster than typical gypsum plaster when applied.

Ans- HomeSure GYPEX Machine Spray Plaster is a polymer-modified, ready-to-use plaster designed to provide a smooth finish on almost all backgrounds, such as brick walls, ACC blocks, or concrete surfaces.

Ans- Gypsum Machine Spray Plaster may last up to 6 months, but with proper care, it can last up to ten months.