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Gypsum Silver Plus Plaster


Product Description

The HomeSure GypEX Silver Plus Gypsum powder's flawless white colour ensures a consistently high-quality, robust, and smooth finish. HomeSure GypEX Silver Plus Gypsum plaster, is a time- and energy-efficient building medium because it requires less water, uses less, covers more area, and dries quickly. It can save time because it doesn't require curing. It takes 15 to 18 minutes to set, thus less gypsum, labour, and time are wasted.

HomeSure GypEX Silver Plus Gypsum plaster has good tensile and flexural strength after setting. Due to the background's thermal and tensile movements, they are less vulnerable to cracking and de-bonding.


  • Faster setting than the conventional sand cement plaster
  • Reduce structural load on building as it is 50% lighter than sand cement plaster.
  • Direct application on Bricks, Blocks, RCC & Sand cement surface
  • No water curing required.
  • Compatible with all types of paint and decorative range
  • Low consumption of paint

SKUs: 20kg, 25kg


  • Brownish Off White (Gypex)
  • Super Off White (Gypex Smooth)
  • Super White (Gypex Extra Smooth)

Benefit & Advantages

  • Smooth finish
  • Cost-Effective
  • Superior whiteness
  • No shrinkage cracks.
  • Excellent bonding
  • Light in weight
  • Imparts high coverage.
  • Zero maintenance
Parameters Specifications
Whiteness > 85%
Consistency 60% – 70%
Fineness (200) < 3.0%
Setting time 15 - 20 minutes
Density 1.0 -1.2 g/m
  1. Clean loose particles, dirt, grease and traces of adhering material from the wall surface with the help of sandpaper, putty blade or by wire brush. Pre-wet the surface before application to achieve good workability and higher coverage.
  2. Mix Gypsum Plaster (Silver)to water and not water to powder. Water to plaster ratio should be (1 part of water and 1.5 part of Gypsum Plaster (Silver)to be maintained to provide a good cohesive workable mix.)
  3. Mix Gypsum Plaster (Silver)to water with the help of hand to form a uniform lump free paste.
  4. Install the wooden strip/dhada or install the levelling strip in the area where the paste needs to be applied.
  5. Apply the 1st coat approx. up to 10 mm to 12 mm of thickness, before the first coat sets rake and cross rake the surface.
  6. Fill in any hollow area, level off and compact the surface. Before levelling wait for 5- 10 minutes for initial set, then apply the final finish coat.
  7. Level the surface by using aluminum level patty.
  8. After complete drying for usually 72 hrs. (Depending on the thickness and humidity), the plain smooth levelled surface is ready for painting application.
  9. 20-25 Sq. Ft./ 25 kg bag at 10 mm thickness on plain surface (or depending on substrate conditions)

Product Application Video


Q1- What is a HomeSure gypsum silver plus plaster?

Ans- HomeSureGypEX Silver Plus  plaster is a time saving option for plastering as it does not require any curing. Its setting time is 15 to 18 minutes, hence there is less wastage of gypsum, labour & time.