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Walbond (Liquid Bonding Agent)


Product Description

Bonding agent is ready to use adhesive blended with fine aggregates to provide good strength, bonding to gypsum based plaster, POP as well as cement based plaster. It is a green colored viscous liquid that can be applied to smooth, rough, concrete surface of shear walls, columns, ceiling slab, etc. It eliminates the surface hacking hence it recommended on smooth surfaces before plastering.


  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Being Ready to use.
  • One coat application required.
  • No need of hacking.
  • Provide good grip to plaster.
Parameters Specifications
Appearance Green colour viscous liquid
Density, gm/cc 1.3 - 1.6
pH 7 - 9
Viscosity @27± 2 °C, cPs 4000 - 9000
Drying Time 24 hours
Adhesion strength (on gypsum surface) > 0.5
  • Apply the material over cleaned surface with help of brush or roller.
  • One coat is sufficient for proper bonding.
  • The plaster can be applied within 2-10 days after application of bonding agent.
  • Addition of water is not recommended.
  • Before application, mix material properly with clean rod to properly distribute solid particles in the solution.
  • The brush/roller should be cleaned with enough water immediately after use.