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Cement Based Texture


Product Description

Homesure Cement based Texture is a polymeric wall finish product. It decorates the wall with various type of patterns as well as protect both interior and exterior wall. It is more economical than other acrylic based products. It contains finest quality minerals, white cement, and polymers.


  • Good workability
  • It is highly compatible with plaster and concrete wall surface
  • Excellent resistance against the growth of algae on the wall
  • Tough Textured
  • Resists Dampness on wall
  • Does Not Require Curing
  • Fungi Resistant

SKUs: 30kg

Benefits & Advantages

  • Bonding to the base plaster
  • Reduce Paint consumption
  • Decorative material
  • High Durability
  • Save Time
  • Cost-Effective
Parameters Specifications
Workability Good
Consistency 20 – 25 %
Pot life > 30 minutes
Drying Time (Dry To Touch) 0-1 Hour
Drying Time (Hard To Press) Max. 8 Hours

1.80-2.00 gm/ml

  • Clean loose particles, dirt, grease, and traces of foreign materials from the surface, if necessary, by using wire brush/sandpaper or by chipping.
  • For loose plaster areas or floors/wall which are not even, then remove the defective material to make them even.
  • Take approx.200-250 ml of clean water for 1 Kg of Cement based Texture in a clean bucket. It is very important that add material into water and not vice versa.
  • Stir continuously for 3-5 minutes by using mechanical stirrer or by hand to obtain a homogeneous lump- free paste.
  • Allow the resultant paste to stand for about 10 minutes for the additives to dissolve.
  • Re-mix again for about 2 Minutes. The mixture is now ready to apply.
  • Dampen the surface to be plastered with clean water. Allow excess water to drain off.
  • Apply in patches and with the help of plastic/fiber trowel move uniformly on the surface to get the desired texture pattern and uniform levelling.
  • Do not add more water than recommended.
  • Cement based Texture contains non-toxic material but still, it is important to wear a safety kit when mixing and handling.


Q1- What is the HomeSure Cement Based Texture?

Ans: A cement-based wall texture finishing product is called HomeSure cement based texture. It provides a choice of stunning textures for your interior and exterior walls and is utilised for aesthetic purposes.