Product Description

Tile Adhesive EX 11 Ceramic Expert is a grey cement-based powder-formed adhesive that gives better quality strength. This product is designed for fixing ceramic and clay tiles for internal dry area applications only. Tile Adhesive 11 Ceramic Expert is a general-purpose adhesive, easy to handle, and requires only the addition of clean water to produce easily workable mortar. Application is ideal for tiles with apparent porosity greater than 3%.


  • Saves time.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Cost–Effective
  • No curing required.
  • Highly water resistant
  • No need for hacking
  • Excellent adhesion to base plaster/ concrete surface
SKUs: 20kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Suitable for internal/ external applications
  • Easy to use – Addition of water on site.
  • Can be used on new / old wall and floor.
  • Consistent work quality
  • Easy tile installation that enables high productivity

Product Application Video


Ans: After drying, cement contracts, leaving voids beneath the tile’s surface. Any impact will cause the tiles to break or crack in these vulnerable areas of the flooring. Adhesives are the best choice for a tile installation that is long-lasting and trouble-free.

Ans: Useful for fixing tile on tile, interior dry area applications, new/old wall and floor, interior floor and wall applications and exterior floor applications

Ans: Tiles should be submerged in water for two hours prior to application and fastening. A 6 mm notched trowel should be used to apply adhesive, and it should be spread uniformly. After fixing the tile, remove any excess mixture, and wipe the surface with a cloth to clean it.

Ans: The substance used to adhere tiles to a wall or floor is known as tile adhesive. On the other side, grout is the mortar used to seal the surface and fill in the spaces between tiles to give the surface a consistent appearance.