HomeSure TILEEX EX-22 Vitrified Expert

Tile Adhesive EX 22 Vitrified Expert is polymer modified: grey cement-based tile adhesive suitable for fixing tiles with less than 3% porosity, like vitrified, semi-vitrified tiles and natural stones on walls and floor in interior and exterior situations. Tile Adhesive EX 22 Vitrified Expert is cementitious material in the powder form composed of cement, sand, polymer which needs on site addition of water to make a mortar which is used for fixing tiles over any cementitious surface.


  • Increase No shrinkage
  • No curing required.
  • Highly water resistant
  • No need for hacking
  • Excellent adhesion to base plaster/concrete surface
SKUs: 20kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Suitable for internal/ external floor applications
  • Can be used for new/old walls and tile on tile application.
  • Consistent work quality
  • High Durability
  • Negligible Waster
  • Save Time

Product Application Video


Ans: HomeSure Tile Adhesive should not be thicker than 3mm.

Ans: Pot life (time to set) is less than 30 minutes. However, walking should be done after at least 24 hours.

Ans: Within 45 minutes before it dries.