The wall putty known as coarse putty was created specifically as a foundation coat to hide unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces and prepare the walls and ceilings for the final application. It can be used as a base coat for putty because it is white. White cement, polymers, and minerals of the highest grade are included.


  • Can be used on ceiling, Interior & Exterior walls
  • Evenness of wall/Celling surface
  • Reduction in cracks
  • Excellent workability
  • Fast drying, Hard and Tough film
  • Long Lasting
  • UV Resistance

SKUs: 20kg, 30kg


  • Bonding to the base plaster
  • Reduce putty consumption
  • High Durability
  • Save Time
  • Cost-Effective


Ans: Evenness of wall/Ceiling surface, Highly Durable, Water Resistant, Strong bonding to the base/concrete plaster, Reduction in cracking, reduced putty consumption, Saves time, Cost-Effective, Ease of use at the site, Excellent Workability.

Ans: Plastered surface is ideal for applying HomeSure Coarse Putty

Ans: For 1 kg of HomeSure Coarse Putty in a clean bucket, use roughly 250-300 ml of clean water. It is crucial to add stuff to water rather than the other way around.

Ans: Use a putty blade to apply the first coat. Give the surface at least three to four hours to dry. Apply the second layer after pre-wetting the necessary base.