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AAC (Block)


Product Description

WallEx AAC blocks are premium, adaptable building products that can be made into individual blocks, megablocks, or panels. They have a history of dependability in every climate zone. They are environmentally friendly wall-building materials of choice today and in the future in many nations across the world. WallEx AAC blocks are frequently the first choice because of their light weight & incredibly easy handling. Because they use natural and, to a significant part, local raw materials in their production, they have excellent eco-balance. Neither during production nor during processing are they harmful. They are also recyclable.


  • Dimensional stability
  • Energy- Efficient
  • Durable
  • Reduces wastage.
  • Long lasting
  • Water and air resistant

SKUs: 4inch, 6inch, 8inch, 9inch, 12inch

Benefit & advantages

  • Suitable for infill masonry wall construction in multi storied structures as well as for normal constructions as a replacement to conventional bricks and blocks.
  • Excellent for partition wall and fast track construction needs.
Parameters Specifications
Size (L X H X T) 600 x 200 x (75 to 225) mm
Precision in Size 1.5 mm (+/-)
Compressive Strength 3.5 N/mm2 & above (as per IS: 2185)
Dry Density 751 - 851 Kg/m3 (oven dry)
Fire Resistance 02 to 06 hours (Depending upon thickness)
Sound Insulation Index

45db for 200 mm thick wall

Thermal Conductivity 0.24 (w / k-m)
  • Surface wetting of blocks is required just before use. For wetting, you can dip the blocks in a water bucket for a few seconds.
  • You can use other methods depending upon site condition & convenience. For each method, we need to understand the purpose of wetting.
  • Column should be straight enough and have sufficient strength. Straightness between columns to column must be correct.
  • Structural Beam should be given proper time to settle and cure.
  • Hacking of column provides a positive key for jointing mortar. Hacking should be done just after the construction of column otherwise on later stages, it becomes difficult to provide hacking as it gains complete strength.
  • It is recommended to provide 15-20 mm space in between beam and uppermost course.
  • Fill this gap using suitable flexible backing rods & lean mortar/resilient material paste.
  • The backing rods should be installed leaving 10 mm gaps for both sides so the lean mortar/resilient material paste can be applied within those gaps.


Q1- What is the HomeSureWallEX AAC blocks?

Ans: Wallex AAC blocks are high-quality, versatile building materials which can be produced as blocks, megablocks or panels.