Product Description

Level well plast is a white cement-based water-resistance for all types of internal and external levelling and thin plaster application over concrete and mortar wall surface. It can be used in dry, wet & humid condition. It can be applied over RCC surface such as celling, columns, and block work upto a thickness of 1 to 20 mm in single coat. It is also used for plaster repairing work.


  • Provide breathability to the wall.
  • The setting time allow more flexibility and time for proper application.
  • Water resistance.
  • Low water absorption
  • It can be applied upto 10- 15 mm thickness in single coat.


  • Durable
  • Excellent strength after drying
  • Direct and easy application
  • Great adhesion strength
  • Surface is ready within 24 hr for next application.
  • Can be applied exterior and interior walls.