Micro Concrete is combination of cement, high quality graded fine aggregate, shrinkage compensating agents and dispersion agents. It gives high-strength and designed for precision grouting and general construction applications. It has excellent flowability, workability & proper particle size to reach small & congested reinforcement.


  • Develops high initial and ultimate final strengths
  • Makes repaired sections highly durable
  • Rapid strength gain to facilitate early reinstatement
  • Can be used as a pumpable or pourable repair concrete where access is restricted
  • Repair of damaged concrete structures e.g., Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc
SKUs: 25kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Easy to mix and apply
  • High flow characteristic
  • High strengths with low permeability
  • Good bond with old concrete
  • Contains no added chloride


Ans- HomeSure Micro Concrete can be applied at the thickness of up to 100 mm.

Ans- It is grey cementitious ready to use dry mix powder-based product it is a composition of Grey cement, Graded Sand & Additives. It has excellent flow ability, workability & proper particle size to reach small & congested reinforcement.

Ans- Micro Concrete is a slightly thicker surface than MicroCement at 2-3mm, and is ideal for tougher environments such as shops and exteriors. Like MicroCement, you can apply MicroConcrete to interior and exterior surfaces, with no need for joins or breaks.