HomeSure WALLEX Ready Mix Plaster

Ready Mix Plaster is a polymer-modified, ready-to-use plaster designed to provide a smooth finish on internal (plastering) and external (rendering) surfaces with a stronger bond to the substrate. Ready Mix Plaster gives strong adhesion on walls/ceilings with excellent water resistance and crack-free workability that will protect the wall. It covers rough surfaces of walls, columns, ceilings, and other parts of the building with a thin coat of mortars to form a smooth, hard, and durable surface capable of protecting external surfaces against penetration of rainwater and other atmospheric vagaries. It provides a flat base for painting, minimizes the inconvenience of maintenance, and speeds up the construction process.


  • Reduce rebounding loss.
  • Cracks free wall
  • Providing high compressive strength
  • Smooth Plastering
  • Higher durable plaster
  • Excellent Coverage
SKUs: 40kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Pre-mixed material, only water to be added.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Faster application
  • Used for interior as well as exterior wall surface.
  • Save Time
  • Cost-Effective

Product Application Video



1- Consumption period, HomeSure RMP Faster rate of Consumption, in Regular Cement Plaster Not possible

2- Quality of Product, HomeSure RMP Consistent quality due to computerized process, in Regular Cement Plaster Manual mixing, hence not possible to test every batch

3- Shrinkage cracks, HomeSure RMP Minimum shrinkage crack, in Regular Cement Plaster Significantly high shrinkage cracks

4- Handling & storing, HomeSure RMP Easy handling and storage, in Regular Cement Plaster Difficult to keep stock of different material

5- Wastage, HomeSure RMP No wastage, in Regular Cement Plaster wastage

6- Efflorescence, HomeSure RMP Negligible, in Regular Cement Plaster Observed in many cases

7- Sand, HomeSure RMP Graded, in Regular Cement Plaster Not graded

8- Rebound, HomeSure RMP Minimum, in Regular Cement Plaster Minimum High due to non-gradation & bigger sand

9- Bond Strength, HomeSure RMP Improves high bond strength with substrate, in Regular Cement Plaster Low bond strength

10- Putty coverage area, HomeSure RMP Improves putty coverage area, in Regular Cement Plaster Low putty coverage area

11- Dampness arrest, HomeSure RMP Low porosity &voids and hence low dampness movement, in Regular Cement Plaster High porosity & voids and hence high dampness movement

12- Curing, HomeSure RMP No curing, in Regular Cement Plaster 5-to-10-day curing

13- Labor requirement, HomeSure RMP Requires less, while Regular Cement Plaster Requires more

14- Durability, HomeSure RMP High durable, in Regular Cement Plaster Not durable

15- Sustainable, HomeSure RMP Low Carbon footprint& hence sustainable, in Regular Cement Plaster Natural & high carbon intense materials used & hence not sustainable

Ans: The cost of HomeSure RMP is less expensive than regular plaster when you take into account the bulking of sand, sand waste, space needed for stocking materials, labour requirements, time required, rebound loss, durability, sustainability, curing period, putty saving, consistency, and ingredient quality.

Ans: HomeSure Ready-Mix Plaster is ready to use by just mixing water at site. This process eliminates jobsite mixing practices.

Ans: Yes, HomeSure RMP can be used on ceilings.