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Repair Mortar


Product Description

Repair Mortar is a one component cementitious mortar, reinforced with fiber polymer modified, ready mix dry powder. It is specially designed for the repair of RCC members such as beams, columns, and slabs due to its good compressive strength and compressive strength. It is pre-mixed with special additives that give it excellent performance and adhesion to the host concrete / masonry surfaces.


  • It provides high bonding strength
  • Perfect bonding to concrete / steel
  • Easy to use, single layer hi-build application ideal for vertical / horizontal structural repairs
  • Shrinkage control feature and repair properly in the very first application

SKUs: 25kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Repair of damaged beams, columns and other RCC members Patch repair of PCC and other non-reinforced masonry surfaces
  • Removal of surface defects due to demolding
  • Used for repairing concrete surfaces: spelling, honeycombing, and cracking
  • For filling holes and honeycombs and repairing damaged edges of concrete components
Parameters Specifications
Consistency 10 – 15%
Pot Life >60 minutes
Density 1.7 – 1.9 g/ml
Setting Time < 10 hours
  • Repair concrete cracks, curbs, steps, prestress panels, pipe, tunnels, sewers, loading docks, silos, retaining walls, culverts, catch basins, decorative mouldings, bridge columns, parapet walls, septic tanks, cold storage vaults, virtually any vertical or overhead concrete surface etc.
  • Remove all loose traces of concrete or mortar, dust grease oil etc. Remove damaged or contaminated concrete to obtain a fully exposed surface.
  • Non-impact vibrating cleaning method, e.g., grit or high-pressure water blasting is recommended. Cut the edges of the repair vertically.
  • Clean all exposed reinforcement.
  • Make sure the back of the rebar is also clean.
  • Where the reinforcing bars are corroded, cut the concrete back into the reinforcing bars.
  • Take approx.100-150 ml of clean water for 1 Kg of Repair Mortarin a clean bucket. It is very important that add material into water and not vice versa.
  • Stir continuously for 3-5 minutes by using mechanical stirrer or by hand till a pourable consistency is obtained with recommended water –powder ratio.
  • Apply Repair Mortarby trowel. Apply the mix product directly to the prepared moist substrate or wet on wet onto the primed surface.
  • A thin scrape coat or contact layer before building up to the required thickness will improve adhesion especially in case of hand application.
  • Apply to the desired level of 12 to 50 mm thickness and level using screeding bar, trowel, or wooden board.
  • Apply Repair Mortarin thicker layers in small patches or where there is additional reinforcement.
  • Smoothing with a trowel for finishing with a float or sponge can be done as soon as the mortar starts to harden.
  • Open/exterior application areas should be protected from the rain, wind, etc. aggressive weather conditions during the first 24 hours after finishing repair.
  • Strictly maintain water powder ratio
  • To avoid fluctuations in efficiency, use consistent water temperature when mixing multiple batches.


Q1- What is HomeSure repair mortar concrete?

Ans: It is one component, cementitious ready to use mortar, with highly modified polymers, fiber-reinforced with compensated shrinkage suitable for a wide range of concrete & masonry repairs, especially in floors, vertical and overhead locations without the use of formwork.