Product Description

Super Bonding Repair Latex Champion also known as Latex Champion is used in mortar and concrete to increase water resistance, durability, and waterproofing. Since it is stable in damp, alkaline settings, cementitious compositions benefit from its use.


  • Waterproofing – Excellent waterproofing admixture which is alkali stable in cementitious mixtures.
  • Chloride-free – Contains no chloride hence lesser chances of chloride contamination.
  • Bonding – Provides excellent bond to concrete & masonry plaster, cementitious surfaces & most of the building materials.
  • Strength – Improves tensile, flexural, and compressive strength as compared to control concrete hence increases the durability of structures.
  • Shrinkage & Cracking – Reduces drying & aging shrinkage cracks.
  • Multipurpose – It is multipurpose & economical product, easy to use.
SKUs: 200GM, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg

Benefit & Advantages

  • Waterproofing – Waterproofing mortars / concretes including terrace, toilets, chajjas, lift pits, balconies, masonry walls and slopping RCC roofs. Surface waterproofing.
  • As a bond coat – For bonding of new concrete to old concrete, masonry stonework, plastering.
  • Bonding slurry – for pinhole treatment on concrete surface & as repair mortar for overhead application.
  • External rendering – Weatherproof & frost resistant render, high wear & erosion resistant render.


Ans: wShield SBR is a styrene butadiene resin with a latex base. For concrete and mortars used in waterproofing, cement plasticizer is a valuable ingredient. It also works as a bonding agent for repairs.

Ans: wShield SBR is a high performing water resistant bonding agent which offers both water protection and effective concrete repair. In addition to plasters, SBR creates a solid bond with both old and fresh concrete. It lessens shrinkage and prevents cracking, resulting in a more lasting surface.

Ans: On a concrete surface, 2 coats are to be applied through a brush in a span of 4-6 hours

Ans:HomeSure wShield SBR’s shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing