Life at Walplast

The benefits are many – a dynamic and challenging work environment, competitive compensation plans and a chance to build a meaningful career.

Human Resources (HR) at plays a vital role in realising business objectives by leading organisational change, fostering innovation and effectively mobilising talent to sustain the organisation’s competitive edge.

Walplast provides a congenial and dynamic work environment, innovative recruitment and retention practices, competitive compensation plans, health benefits, rewards and incentives, and continuous learning opportunities to employees (management and non-management staff) for their future growth and development.

Employee Testimonials


Employee engagement is the foundation of our business success, and we believe in making walplast a pleasant place to work by keeping our workers engaged and inspired throughout their journey.

One Nirman

One Nirman is an annual celebration that commemorates Walplast’s foundation day. Throughout the week, many exciting events are held both within and outside the firm.


Khel Asli Khiladiyon ka!

The event’s purpose is to provide a yearly sporting activity for all employees in which various indoor and outdoor games are organised. The event’s goal is to boost employee morale, boost productivity, minimise absenteeism, and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. We hope to establish a platform for discipline and strong bonds among coworkers by conducting such activities.