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Over the years our B2C interface Homesure has become a preferred brand for the construction ecosystem that delivers superior customer experience on product performance, solutions and services. We help create strong and sustainable communities, with a network of 800+ active Distributors, 6000 + Dealers & more than 65000+ influencers engaged in our business operation. We also provide direct employment to over 1000 employees.

With a growing business portfolio, our HomeSure product range includes Wall Putty, Tile Adhesives, Gypsum based products, Construction Chemicals, Admixtures, AAC blocks, and other building materials. 

The “HomeSure Samriddhi” app has been made available for its customers and influencers. Customers will be able to earn rewards and discounts for their recommendations and purchases through this innovative app, while Walplast will be able to better understand and serve its customers. This also simplifies the lives of masons, painters and dealers. Previously, masons and painters had to visit dealer shops to redeem their respective rewards, which was a time-consuming and complex process.


Features and Benefits

Points-based reward system for purchases.
Easy-to-use interface for tracking points and rewards.
Real-time updates on new products, promotions and services.
Skill development tutorials and much more.

“HomeSure Samriddhi” app is available for download on the Play Store


HomeSure Samriddhi loyalty program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homesure Samriddhi Loyalty Program?
Homesure Samriddhi Loyalty Program is designed exclusively for our Retailers, Painters and Masons to recognize and reward their contribution.