HomeSure TileEX EX-11

Looking for a strong tile adhesive that will give you a rock-solid bond and good-looking tiles? HomeSure TileEX EX-11 cement-based adhesive is designed specifically for ceramic and clay tiles in dry indoor areas, ensuring maximum bond strength. With consistent quality, higher productivity and cost-effectiveness, it can up your tile-laying game. 

This adhesive has simple ingredients – cement and graded sand. But it delivers advanced features that make bonding tiles fast and mess-free. HomeSure TileEX EX-11 is a cost-effective solution. You can work faster using this easy-to-use, general purpose adhesive that requires just clean water. It’s ideal for tiles with a porosity over 3%. 

Why choose Walplast’s Tile Adhesive EX-11?

  • It not only gives stronger bonds but also provides consistent quality results. 
  • Being simple to use with only water required, it boosts your productivity and saves resources. 
  • Walplast’s Tile Adhesive EX-11 is a cost-effective solution delivering high performance. 

Walplast’s HomeSure range covers all your building materials needs. From putty to tile adhesives, we have cement and gypsum products designed to increase productivity and ensure consistent quality. Our products are made in NABL accredited labs with modern R&D facilities and testing equipment meeting international standards.

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