Want to know a easier and cheaper way to paint your walls without actually using paint? The answer is HomeSure Colour Putty by Walplast. Read further to know more. Walplast has created a cement Based HomeSure Colour Putty, which is a wall putty with added advantage of shades like Pink, Yellow, Green and Off-White, especially developed as a base coat to provide smooth finish on plastered surface. It is made up of finest quality minerals, polymers, white cement and pigments. “Paint out your own creativity, just at a cheaper price.” WHY CHOSE HOMESURE COLOUR PUTTY? • Saves 100% of painting cost. • Avoid frequent repainting. • Gives a smooth and glossy finish. • Excellent adhesion to wall surface. • Ease of use at site. • Aesthetic look for the ceilings and interior walls Are you ready to use the HomeSure Colour Putty and want to know how? Following are the steps- STEP 1- Clean the surface with sand paper or putty blade and then dampen the surface. STEP 2- Add the putty in water to obtain a lump free paste and mix it well (Recommended mix in 40% water). STEP 3- Let it stand for 10 minutes for additives to dissolve and then re-mix it again for 2 minutes. STEP 4- Apply first coat with a putty blade (thickness of 0.5-1mm). STEP 5- Allow the surface to dry for at least a duration of 3-4 hours. STEP 6- Pre-wet the first coat according to the need and then apply the second coat. The total putty thickness should not exceed 2mm. STEP 7- For better result, it is always recommend to let the surface dry overnight for at least 10-12 hours. (Better bonding to the base plaster.) The recommended mixing is 300-400 ml of water per kilogram of HomeSure Colour Putty. HomeSure Colour Putty should be stored in a cool and dry place and the shelf life of it is 12 months. HomeSure Colour Putty covers around 8-15 sq.ft. per kilogram depending on the wall finish. So don’t you want to have the benefits of paint at a cheaper price? Use HomeSure Colour Putty right now!

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